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Provincetown Recreational Dispensary Drops

We are a recreational marijuana dispensary serving the Provincetown, Truro, Wellfleet, Eastham and Orleans area.

Monday at our Provincetown Dispensary

Yamna – Forum Stomper – Cannagar – 2g

Yamna – GMO – Cannagar – 2g

Yamna – Point Break – Cannagar – 2g

Yamna – Ted Bundy – Cannagar – 2g

Heal Cannabis Provincetown Dispensary

Wednesday at our Provincetown Dispensary

Sira Naturals – Blueberry – Chillum – 0.3g — 24.38% THCa

Ozone – Mandarin Zkittlez – Chillum – 0.3g — 26.8% THCa

Heal Cannabis Provincetown Dispensary

Friday at our Provincetown Dispensary

Cresco – Bio Jesus – Flower – 3.5g — 24.4% THCa

Heal Cannabis Provincetown Dispensary

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